General Terms

1. Autnorizeo driver, person more tnan 21 vears old, in possession of a valid driving licence for at last 2 years . Only the person mentioned as driver isn the renta I contract may drive the vehicle. The authorized driver may not be under the influence of aicohol, medicines or drugs when driving the vehicle.

2. The vehicle may not be used: for remunerated transport of good or persons, in any race or speed test, to propel or tow any other vehicle or object, off the roads serviced by the State Authorities, overloaded by excess of passangers or luggage according to the registration paper of the vehicle

3. Delivery and return of the vehicle: the vehicle remains at all times the property of vlasništvo Lubenica d.o.o. and is delivered in good condition. The renter will return the vehicle together with all its equipment int he same condition as when rented, ordinary wear and tear excepted, to the date and place specified on the page 1 of this agreement. In case of late return, an additional amount will be charged as foreseen int he current pricelist.

4. Charge the renta I period: notice must be given by vlasništvo Lubenica d.o.o. one day in advance. Prolongation of the rental period is submitted to the authorisation of vlasništvo Lubenica d.o.o. In case of failure to comply with this rule, the wehicle is considered as been illegally appropriated and vlasništvo Lubenica d.o.o. is entiled to act consequently.

5. Fuel is renta rs expense. The vehicle must be returned by the renter with a full tank. If it is not the case vlasništvo Lubenica d.o.o. is allowed to charge the missing quantity of fuel at the average price oft he day of return plus a fixed service fee of 20,00 Croatian Kunas.

6. Reservations are accepted for a minimal rent of one day. Reservations are valid after receiving a downpayment. Reservations are released one hour after the agreed delivery time, without further compensation for the renter.

7. We do not take deposits. The lessee is obliged to leave one document in the office of vlasništvo Lubenica d.o.o. (identity card or passport) instead deposits. Document lessee remains in office until the end of the lease. When the vehicle is returned, renter will return the document.

8. Maintenance: the renter is obliged to take care of the vehicle, and check liquid levels and tires pressure on regular basis. The renter is liable for all damages caused by la ck of such maintenance.

9. Breakdowns and damage: In the event of any failure or damage to the vehicle (including a fiat tire) the lessee bears the cost of repairs up to the amount of € 200. For any defects or malfunctions over 200 € repair costs borne by vlasništvo Lubenica d.o.o.

10. Documents of the vehicle are delivered with the car. It is forbidden to croos the. Croatian State borders with the vehicle without the consent of vlasništvo Lubenica d.o.o.

11. Personal insurance: free of charge, the authorized driver and his relatives are insured, up to the insurance policy amount, in case of death or disability consequences of an accident provoked by the rented vehicle (Personal Accident Insurance, PAI).

12. Third Party liability insurance: all rented vehicles are covored up to the insurance policy amount.

13. Accident damages to the rented vehicle and above € 200 is paid by the lessee if the lessee in any way violated the terms of this contract.

14. The down pa rts (like engine carter, exhaust system, fuel tank and so on) and tires are never covored by the CDW or CDW + insurance. Damages remain in any case at the charge of the renter.

15. Fire and theft: the renter is responsible for damages occurred to the vehicle by fire or theft when: The fire or the theft is due to his guilt or great carelessness or he was on any other wax ignoring the termy of this agreement.

16. Accidents must be immediately reported to the police station and to vlasništvo Lubenica d.o.o. The special accident report form, delivered with the vehicle must be filled in and sent without delay to vlasništvo Lubenica d.o.o. The renter is obliged to cooperate with vlasništvo Lubenica d.o.o. in the investigation and the procedure regarding the accident. The renter remains liable of all expenses caused by the accident if he does not comply with his obligation mentionad in this article.

17. Property 1055: vlasništvo Lubenica d.o.o. will in any case not be liable for 1055 or damage to renters property, or property of any other third party, sto red or transpdrted in or up on the vehicle, service car of offices of vlasništvo Lubenica d.o.o.

18. The staff of vlasništvo Lubenica d.o.o. is allowed to control the vehicle at any time. If the renter has Violated any term of this agreement the staff of vlasništvo Lubenica d.o.o. has the full right to si ze the vehicle immediately, without further compensation for the renter.

19. Traffic violations: the renter is responsible for traffic violations during the rental period and after the renta I period if the traffic violations is made during the rental period.

20. General liability waiver: in the case, vlasništvo Lubenica d.o.o. is not liable for any damage caused to the renter by the usage of the vehicle. By signing this agreement, the renter expressely waives all claims for such loss or damages against vlasništvo Lubenica d.o.o. .

21. By signing the page 1 of this contract, the renter agrees explicity with the here above terms and accepts the Courts of Zadar ad exculsive jurisdiction.